Tele-Health with Freshbenies

Bringing Healthcare to the 21st Century

Tele-Health is the fastest growing healthcare product in the US.  Imagine having a doctor diagnose you over a video chat. No co-pays or wasting time.


Advocacy PLUS: 6 ways this service helps control your healthcare Let’s face it, healthcare and insurance are confusing! With freshbenies, you have someone to help simplify your healthcare experience and guide you through your healthcare journey.

Mental Health Access

In addition to your freshbenies Telehealth service with $0 primary care visits, your membership includes convenient, discreet access to therapists and psychiatrists - at a fraction of the cost of typical in-person visits.

The Pet Pack: Pets are family, too!

Your Pet Pack services help to control your dime, time and peace of mind with 24/7 telehealth veterinary advice and savings on everyday needs for your pets